In the our information age speed of Internet connections is growing rapidly.
But the size of the pages grows even ahead. In addition more and more Internet users browse the site from mobile devices where the connection speed is still low.

If take WordPress it the one hand it is very convenient, you can easily customize it, add new features and functions, but in the other hand it’s add problems.
Website on WordPress becomes extremely slow.

So we need to speed up the site without losing the convenience of easy setup, customization and adding new features.

Next I describe 5 tips to speed up your WordPress site.

Before acting is necessary to test the speed of the website to understand what actions will have the greatest results.
Usually I make test for next two.


1. Optimize images

First tip is a optimize image size.

Images usually make up most of the weight of the page, so the image compression will reduce the weight of the page, and to accelerate the site work.
To optimize the images, use one of the following plugins:


EWWW Image Optimizer


WP Smush Pro


SEO Friendly Images


PB Responsive Images


After install and setup plugin you can test website speed again for understanding the move was effective.


2. Cache your content.

The second way to reduce the size of the web page is minify CSS and JS files.
Besides we can combine all CSS files in one file and all JS files in another files.
Thus the number of requests to the server is significantly reduced. Browser will need to download the entire two files instead, at least 10 files.
And that’s not all, if you specify the term relevance of these files, then when re-entering the user’s browser will not load CSS and JS files from server and to take them from the cache.

There are a lot of plugins allows to carry out these and other tasks out of the box, below I have given the most popular ones


W3 Total Cache


WP Super Cache


Quick Cache


3. WordPress Database optimization.

Query the database constitute a large proportion of the load on the server,
therefore optimization framework is one of the priority tasks on speeding up your site.




4. Using CDN

CDN is a Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers.

How it works.

CDN has a lot of servers in various locations around the world. And each of this server has web cash of your site ( of course if you use CDN ). For example you has website on server in Utah USA and somebody for example John from Canberra Australia type url of your website in browser.He will get content (css, js, text, photos, other media ) from CDN server in Canberra (not from your web server). Therefore, the page download speed will be much higher then without CDN. Of course if John write comment to your site that connection will be between his pc and your web server directly, and speed will slower. But most of time that user spend on website he is reading. Overall CDN provides a significant increase in the speed of opening the page for the user.


5. Change hosting

If the above steps did not provide the desired result, the only way out is a change of hosting.
Hosting choice – not an easy task, there are the good people who have tested the hosting and sharing the results.
I just went on their research and give you the final choice

Below a pair of links about hosting speed comparison.