Most of the newly established wordpress themes are made in English. This is understandable because the English-speaking market more than any other. But what if you want to create a website in another language such as German or Spanish? Answer on question “How to translate WordPress Theme” is pretty simple.

The first thing you’ll need is Poedit, which is available for all major operating systems including Windows, OS X, and Linux. Do not dwell on installing this software and get down to work.

Open Poedit and select second option “Create new translation”.




The program will ask you to select a file.

Go to your theme directory (you should already have the unzipped theme on your computer) then go to “language” or “lang” catalog and choose file.





Important note
Some themes may include translation files with the extension .po not .pot as in example.
So when you select a file, you should switch the file extension in the lower right corner.





After file open select language to translate

And translate file line by line.





After translation press “Save” and save the file in the same directory. Now you just have to download the theme to your hosting. However you can download only translation file. Make shure there is no mistake mistake with a directory.


My congratulations!
Your WordPress theme is now translated.